Delta Air Lines Largest Profit Sharing Ever

delta air lines a330-300

Delta Airlines employees to get their share of profit sharing USD 1.5 billion the company earned in 2015 - the largest in the history of programs participation in corporate profits prize. Individual payments equivalent to more than 21 percent of eligible 2015 earnings of employees.

"We are often asked what sets Delta," said Delta CEO Richard Anderson and President Ed Bastian, in a memo sent to employees today. "The difference is you. Our unique culture focused on people, built on the Rules of the road and working together is the advantage that none of our competitors can match." celebrations employees through the global network of employees today to honor Delta for its record performance. Record to take a step further, the airline erected a greeting card height of 50 feet in the General Offices Delta, which included the names of all Delta employees - all 80,000 of them.

The airline also thanked employees placing ads in US newspapers, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, among others.

Delta reported a profit before tax adjusted historic USD 5.9 billion by 2015 and had a year industry leader in operational excellence that includes a total of 161 days with zero cancellations long journey and punctuality rate of 85.9 percent. In addition to bonds, shared rewards program Delta pays monthly corporate bonds to meet operational objectives throughout the year.

In 2015, Delta employees earned more than USD 94.9 million in shared prize as the company has managed operational and financial results that have made history. Delta has paid USD 4.1 billion to employees in profits and shared rewards over the past five years. The airline will operate with a conservative budget 2016 in order to maintain a sustainable business that is committed to pay the debt, investing in its employees and reward customers and shareholders.
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