Airbus A380-800 Flies to Mexico by Air France

air france airbus a380-800

Air France announces to begin Airbus A380 flights to new destinations, the A380 began regular operations to Central and South America with the first commercial services operated by French carrier from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport Mexico Benito Juarez International in Mexico City.

This also marks the 50th and 102nd airport A380 route to be served by 13 airlines who operates giant aircraft - with more to follow in coming months announced, such as: Birmingham UK, Prague in the Czech Republic and Taipei, Taiwan served by Emirates; and Vancouver, Canada served by British Airways.

Fly with Airbus A380-800 series is not just fly but also leisure in the sky. Many passengers intended to buy ticket to fly with A380. This has been moment of life and whole new experience for them, so that's why super jumbo jet A380 is very popular among passengers.

Speaking of availability to be visited by Airbus A380, including alternate airports, '' the number of destinations now qualified to accommodate the A380 already exceeds 200, and by 2018 this will increase to over 400. With a capacity for 600 passengers, the A380 slot significantly increases the efficiency airport serving networks not only to the centers, and to date about 180 A380s have already been delivered to 13 operators and airlines.
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