A300-600 ST Beluga Unloads Airbus A320 Fuselage

A300-600 ST Beluga Unloads Airbus A320

Airbus A300-600 ST Super Transporter Beluga unloads Airbus A320 series fuselage. This photo taken at Airbus' facility in Toulouse, France. The A320's fuselage manufactured somewhere by Airbus' vendor then this part being delivered and assembled at final production line. This also called consortium manufacturer, so Airbus can keep production cost as low as possible. In its vendor manufcaturer line, Airbus applied exactly the same standard and procedure to obtain perfect products. Speaking of A300-600 ST, this sort of aircraft became even more important these days. The Beluga be in charge to fly aircraft parts from around the world to be assembled in assembly line.
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