United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Hard Landing at LAX

United Airlines Boeing 787-9

The stretched variant of Boeing 787-8, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner of United Airlines hard landing at Los Angeles International Airport. Currently they have received 25 out of Boeing 787-8, -9, -10's total order 55. Credit of this photo goes to Jiaweiwang, he captured an astonishing moment of touching down process. The smokes around landing gear since the friction between rubber and runway asphalt about 250 kmh of velocity.

Although experiencing unusual landing phase, the aircraft remain stable and can stop to gate apron safely. The approaching and landing of flying objects especially passenger aircraft classified as one of the most dangerous factor and can bring to fatal accidents. According to Boeing statistics, 29 percent of aircraft fatal accidents emerged from landing process as well as approaching to runway.
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