Lufthansa A340-600 While Being Towed on the Runway

Lufthansa A340-600 While Being Towed

Lufthansa with Airbus A340-600 while being towed on the runway at Frankfurt Airport. Frankfurt Airport is also known as Rhein-Main Airport or in German, Rhein-Main-Glughafen, this airport located in Frankfurt City. Lufthansa's main hub are in here, so the airport became one of the busiest airport in Germany, they handled more than 65 million passengers per year. Frankfurt Airport is the fourth largest airport in Europe in terms of number of passengers.

Back to the aircraft, A340-600 series is the longest variant of Airbus A340 series. Lufthansa operating about 24 of them, furthermore -600 series only produced 97 units, while the largest production aircraft are A340-300 series. The Airbus A340 series first introduced in 1991 and there are total 377 aircraft built, the last delivery was in 2012. Currently, Airbus no longer manufacturing this type of aircraft due to demand.

The uniqueness of A340-600 is the overall length, measured to front-end to rear-end, it has 75 meters in long. Even longer than super jumbo jet Airbus A380 series. Nowadays, aircraft manufacturer tend to make aircraft wider than longer fuselage. You named it, there are new Airbus A350 XWB as well as Boeing 787 Dreamliner series.
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