Honda Jet HA-420 During Cold Weather Test

Honda Jet HA-420

Here it is, first ever Honda private jet, the Honda Jet HA-420 during cold weather flight test in Alaska. The HA-420 not only the first private jet but also the first Honda's self development aircraft. Honda designed and developed aircraft in Japan then manufacturing process in North Carolina, USA.

The first flew of Honda Jet was successfully conducted in 2003, very long process of development and flight testing. Finally in December 2015, Honda received FAA certification for the aircraft, then followed by delivery in the last December 2015.

Honda Jet is light weight private or business jet, overall length is less than 13 meters and height just about 4.5 meters. The capacity only 1 or max two crew and up to six passengers on board. The HA-420 classified as short-range business jet since the flight range is less than 2,500 km with full-tank condition. Honda and GE worked together to develop GE Honda HF120 Turbofan engine, which specially built for this jet aircraft.
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