Gulfstream G150 In Flight Over Forest Air Space

Gulfstream G150 In Flight

Probably one of the most popular business jet, the Gulfstream G150 while in flight flying somewhere over forest air space. The G150 has capability, such as can carry passengers up to 8 people comfortably, flight range nearly 6,000 km, fast cruising speed at 0.85 mach and operating altitude at 45,000 feet. Famous people who used this kind of business jet are Charles Koch and Polo Ralph Lauren owner. The buyer can freely customized its cabin interior as they like also, the G150 offers sophisticated technology on-board. You will never notice that you are at above high altitude, this private jet is outstandingly comfortable and ensure your privacy while flying. Gulfstream Aerospace cost you around USD 13.5 million for the Gulfstream G150.
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