Emirates Boeing 777-300ER Just After Takeoff

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER

The Emirates Boeing 777-300ER just after takeoff on runway at Dublin Airport, Ireland. The aircraft has successfully entered so called takeoff safety speed or V2. Firstly it should pass the V1 speed then rotation speed (VR) when the nose/front-end landing gear left off runway beforehand. After that and aircraft fully entered climbing phase.

During climbing phase, pilots should maintain speed between V2 and stall speed, also there always possibility of engine failure.

Speaking of Emirates, they are national flag carrier of United Arab Emirates (UAE). They also known as one of the most grown airline and able to compete with global aviation market. They always carried hundreds million of passengers each year. Thanks to massive 72 A380s from 140 A380's total order, Boeing 777's fleet, Airbus A330s as well as future Boeing 777-8 which will be delivered in 2020.
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