Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle Throttle on in the Evening

Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle Throttle

The multi-role jet fighter Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle of USAF throttle on behind sunset scene in the evening. Such a beautiful photo shoot, take a look to the nozzle of the F-15E, thrusts come off as if pushing forward.

This jet fighter developed from air superiority jet fighter the F-15, but the E variant designed to have long range air combat, electronic air jamming capability as well as interdiction during high speed. The Strike Eagle introduced in 1986 and played major role in Iraq Iran battle warfare in late 1980s. Boeing are still producing this jet fighter, in total there are more than 420 F-15Es, also exported to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Republic of Korea. Currently United States Air Force operating 257 F-15Es and plan to in service till 2030 and being replaced.
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