Airbus A380 of Singapore Airlines While Approaching Runway

Airbus A380 of Singapore Airlines

The super jumbo jet aircraft, Airbus A380 of Singapore Airlines while approaching runway at London Heathrow Airport. One of the best photograph ever, thanks to Helmut Snichels of for this amazing photo shoot. He was directly facing on the aircraft, perfectly angle chose, perfectly timing taken. Totally made the hugeness of the wingspan.

Airbus A380-800 is world's largest passenger aircraft, if whole seating configuration are in economy class, A380 able to carry up to 800 passengers. Also there are four big landing gears beneath to support its operation during takeoff, especially during landing. This Airbus A380-800 is designed to fly up to 394 tonnes during landing phase (maximum landing weight).

Singapore Airlines is the national flag carrier of Singapore, the only airline who operate all-international-destinations. Because Singapore has no domestic flights. Singapore Airlines also known as Airbus A380-800 launch customers, back in 2007. This means, the carrier was the first operator of giant aircraft.
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