Airbus A380 of British Airways While Flying Over the Cliff

The largest aircraft owned by British carrier, Airbus A380 British Airways while flying over cliff in coast side. This beautiful photo shoot captured during the aircraft on low level flight, so the scenery behind clearly seen.

British Airways is national carrier of the United Kingdom, the largest airline based on number of fleet and second largest airline in terms of number of passengers handled in UK. The airlines headquartered in London Heathrow Airport. The British Airways also often times called BA as shortened name.

The BA known as world's largest Boeing 747-400 operator, there are 53 of them still on operation. In the future, because of operating cost reason, this fleet to replace with more economical aircraft, such as Boeing 787 Dreamliner series as well as Airbus A350 XWB. British Airways owned and still ordering 787-8, -9, -10 variant, also they still waiting another two Airbus A380-800s, currently the BA operates about 10 A380s. The fleet size nearly 300 aircraft and to be expanded in the future.
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