Airbus A380 Lufthansa View From Below and Flight Print

Airbus A380 Lufthansa View From Below

Here is another dramatic photograph of giant bird Airbus A380 Lufthansa view from below and smoke trails behind as flight print. This picture taken just after the A380 finished climbing phase, landing gears have been retracted down into landing gear bay. This aircraft still can be captured since the altitude was not way too high before its disappear at optimum altitude.

Lufthansa is national flag carrier of Germany and they are one of the largest airline in the world in terms of number of destinations and revenue. Germanwings, Austrian Airlines and Swiss International Air Lines are airlines that under Lufthansa Group. According to 2014 statistics, the Lufthansa Group carried more than 106 million passengers and forecast to an increment in 2015. Currently they operating 14 Airbus A380s on its fleet.
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