Giant Bird Korean Air A380-800 Approaching Runway

Giant Bird Korean Air A380-800

The giant bird of Korean Air Airbus A380-800 while approaching landing to runway. This photo captured by C. Alloing while the aircraft headed to touch down at Toulouse Blagnac Airport. Take a look to the image, whole landing gear have retracting down, all systems have been set to landing attempt.

Speaking of landing, the pilot should set airspeed or velocity of the aircraft just above stall speed, they also decreasing altitude gradually. In other hand, lift force should be maintained, mathematically both airspeed, lift force and stall speed are related each other.

Korean Air is known as South Korea Republic flag carrier along with Asiana Airlines. They both operating Airbus A380-800 as their largest fleet. Apparently, Asiana Airlines seems better than the Korean Air, reflected on some award that awarded to Asiana Airlines. Back to the airlines, they have received all A380's orders total is 10 A380s.
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