Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400 Flying in Italy

Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400

The American carrier, Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400 while flying over Italy. This photo taken by Marco Papa somewhere around Alpen Mountain. This aircraft has N666US registered code flew from Atlanta or New York. What a stunning photo, its landing gear systems are retracting up, towards the landing gear bay.

Delta Air Lines is one of the largest airline in United States, they have most destinations among another airline even giant American Airlines group. Currently they have more than 800 aircraft in operations and keep on increasing as its demand steep up.

Boeing 747-400 is the largest passenger aircraft manufactured by Boeing. Delta has 9 of it, in the future probably the carrier wants to get it retired since it has poor operational cost. Delta to replace all inefficient and ageing aircraft. Despite of all of those, the jumbo jet aircraft remain inside aviation enthusiasts. On the other hand Delta has placed its firm order for Boeing 787 series, Airbus A350 series as well as Airbus A330neo.
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