AS555 Fennec of Airbus Helicopter of French Air Force

AS555 Fennec of Airbus Helicopter

One of the utility helicopter owned by France, the AS555 Fennec of Airbus Helicopter of French Air Force. This chopper formerly known as Eurocopter Fennec, now Eurocopter merged into EADS Group and changed its brand into Airbus Helicopter. This photo credit goes to Mark Empson, he took this photograph while they are on cruising maneuver.

This helicopter is light weight and can be used as utility helicopter properly. Well, it was developed based on Eurocopter AS350 and AS 355, manufactured by Aerospatiale and Eurocopter (Airbus Helicopter).

Frnech Air Force (Armee de L'air) operating about 41 of them, spreading to all French Air Force Base. Oftentimes it used as VIP transport, small troops transporter and logistic or cargo matters. They are still producing this sort of helicopter and many countries have been using an AS555 on its military fleet.
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